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HP Roar Mini Wireless Speaker - Speaker1

HP Roar Mini Wireless Speaker - Speaker
HP Roar Mini Wireless Speaker - Speaker
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Manufacturer: HP Inc.

Product group:

Manuf.No.: G1K47AA#ABB

Art.No.: S14168368

for portable use, wireless, Bluetooth, 2.5 Watt, white, for HP 15; ENVY; ENVY Sleekbook; ENVY Spectre XT; ENVY x2; Pavilion 15, 27; Pavilion x360

  • Small, compact (7.6 x 7.6 cm) enough to fit in an accessory pocket and light, so your music can go with you anywhere
  • Connect effortlessly via Bluetooth with your tablet, PC, phone, or gaming device
  • Great sound through triangular design which amplifies sound quality and audio delivery - all at an amazing price
  • Built-in microphone allows you to answer calls without having to dig out your phone

Price: 50,56 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


15-ay024cy, 15-ay027cy, 15-ay028cy, 15-ay036nw, 15-ay072nd, 15-ay082ns, 15-ay104no, 15-ay127nd, 15-ay136nl, 15-ay138cl, 15-ay152nw, 15-ay157nw, 15-ay170nd, 15-ay506ns, 15-ay514ns, 15-ba007nh, 15-ba015ns, 15-ba017ns, 15-ba018ns, 15-ba019ns, 15-ba027nl, 15-ba042ns, 15-ba043ns, 15-ba061ng, 15-ba067nf, 15-ba069nc, 15-ba083nl, 15-ba094na, 15-ba180ng, 15-ba585ng, 15-bs001ng, 15-bs001nl, 15-bs027la, 15-bs033cl, 15-bs036la, 15-bs036nl, 15-bs039la, 15-bs041la, 15-bs042la, 15-bs058nb, 15-bs082ng, 15-bs102ng, 15-bs104na, 15-bs112ng, 15-bs506na, 15-bs507na, 15-bs517ns, 15-bs540ng, 15-bw000ns, 15-bw001nl, 15-bw004la, 15-bw005nl, 15-bw006la, 15-bw006na, 15-bw007la, 15-bw007ns, 15-bw012nl, 15-bw014la, 15-bw014no, 15-bw017cl, 15-bw017no, 15-bw018nl, 15-bw021no, 15-bw021ns, 15-bw022nd, 15-bw023nb, 15-bw023ns, 15-bw024na, 15-bw025nl, 15-bw025ns, 15-bw026ns, 15-bw027ns, 15-bw028ns, 15-bw029na, 15-bw029ns, 15-bw030ns, 15-bw031ns, 15-bw032no, 15-bw032nr, 15-bw033ns, 15-bw034na, 15-bw035nr, 15-bw036ns, 15-bw038na, 15-bw038nl, 15-bw039nf, 15-bw042nl, 15-bw042ns, 15-bw043ns, 15-bw044nf, 15-bw044ns, 15-bw045nf, 15-bw046no, 15-bw048ns, 15-bw049ns, 15-bw050ng, 15-bw050no, 15-bw052ng, 15-bw052ns, 15-bw053nf, 15-bw053ng, 15-bw055nb, 15-bw055ns, 15-bw055sa, 15-bw056nl, 15-bw056no, 15-bw057no, 15-bw058no, 15-bw060no, 15-bw062no, 15-bw064ng, 15-bw067ng, 15-bw069sa, 15-bw080nd, 15-bw082ng, 15-bw085nd, 15-bw085ng, 15-bw086ng, 15-bw087ng, 15-bw092ng, 15-bw093ng, 17-ak005no, 17-ak010no, 17-ak017no, 17-ak034nb, 17-ak073ng, 17-bs005no, 17-bs008nf, 17-bs012nb, 17-bs015no, 17-bs037ng, 17-bs047ng, 17-bs086nf, 17-bs508ng, 17-bs545ng, 17-bs546ng, 17-bs549ng, 17-bs553ng, 7 Plus G2 1331, 7 Plus G2 1332na, 7 Plus G2 1333ne, 7 Plus G2 1334ne, 7 Plus G2 1335ne, 7 Plus G2 1339, Chromebook, ENVY, ENVY 13-ab000nw, ENVY 13-ab016nf, ENVY 13-ab035nf, ENVY 13-ab077cl, ENVY 13-ad001nf, ENVY 13-ad003nf, ENVY 13-ad004nf, ENVY 13-ad006la, ENVY 13-ad006ns, ENVY 13-ad006nw, ENVY 13-ad007la, ENVY 13-ad007nf, ENVY 13-ad011na, ENVY 13-ad012na, ENVY 13-ad012no, ENVY 13-ad013na, ENVY 13-ad013ns, ENVY 13-ad014nf, ENVY 13-ad018nf, ENVY 13-ad081nd, ENVY 13-ad100nd, ENVY 13-ad100nf, ENVY 13-ad100no, ENVY 13-ad100ns, ENVY 13-ad101nf, ENVY 13-ad101no, ENVY 13-ad102nb, ENVY 13-ad102nl, ENVY 13-ad102ns, ENVY 13-ad103no, ENVY 13-ad104no, ENVY 13-ad104ns, ENVY 13-ad105ng, ENVY 13-ad105ns, ENVY 13-ad106no, ENVY 13-ad106ns, ENVY 13-ad107no, ENVY 13-ad112nd, ENVY 13-ad113ns, ENVY 13-ad120nr, ENVY 13-ad131nd, ENVY 13-ad132nd, ENVY 13-ad132tu, ENVY 13-ad133nd, ENVY 13-ad134nd, ENVY 13-ad134tx, ENVY 13-ad140ng, ENVY 13-ad142ng, ENVY 13-ad149nz, ENVY 13-ad150nz, ENVY 13-ad180nz, ENVY 15-as001no, ENVY 15-as014wm, ENVY 15-as100nb, ENVY 15-as100nw, ENVY 15-as102ni, ENVY 15-as104nc, ENVY 15-as105nc, ENVY 15-as106nc, ENVY 15-as120nr, ENVY 15-as152nr, ENVY 15-as168nr, ENVY 27-b101la, ENVY 27-b105nl, ENVY 27-b145se, ENVY 27-b155qd, ENVY Curved 34-b004la, ENVY Curved 34-b080nl, ENVY Sleekbook, ENVY Spectre XT, ENVY TouchSmart, ENVY TouchSmart Sleekbook, ENVY x2, ENVY x360, ENVY x360 15-bp015tx, ENVY x360 15-bp016tx, ENVY x360 15-bq001na, ENVY x360 15-bq002no, ENVY x360 15-bq005no, ENVY x360 15-bq006no, Pavilion 15-au006nf, Pavilion 15-au009no, Pavilion 15-au020nl, Pavilion 15-au104nh, Pavilion 15-au113no, Pavilion 15-au119nf, Pavilion 15-aw007cy, Pavilion 15-aw010nl, Pavilion 15-aw026no, Pavilion 15-aw029no, Pavilion 15-aw030no, Pavilion 15-bc005nh, Pavilion 15-bc008ns, Pavilion 15-bc200ni, Pavilion 15-cc002no, Pavilion 15-cc010nl, Pavilion 15-cc013ng, Pavilion 15-cc033na, Pavilion 15-cc050wm, Pavilion 15-cc104no, Pavilion 15-cc109ng, Pavilion 15-cc152od, Pavilion 15-cc180ng, Pavilion 15-cc500nf, Pavilion 15-cc501no, Pavilion 15-cc502la, Pavilion 15-cc504la, Pavilion 15-cc507ns, Pavilion 15-cc508la, Pavilion 15-cc509nf, Pavilion 15-cc510nf, Pavilion 15-cc514ns, Pavilion 15-cc519nb, Pavilion 15-cc544na, Pavilion 15-cc555nr, Pavilion 15-cd003la, Pavilion 15-cd005no, Pavilion 15-cd007na, Pavilion 15-cd009no, Pavilion 15-cd025na, Pavilion 15-n047eg, Pavilion 15-n052sp, Pavilion 24-b207nf, Pavilion 24-b217c, Pavilion 24-b231nf, Pavilion 24-r003la, Pavilion 24-r010la, Pavilion 24-r010nb, Pavilion 24-r015la, Pavilion 24-r015z, Pavilion 24-r016la, Pavilion 24-r017la, Pavilion 24-r018la, Pavilion 24-r021la, Pavilion 24-r023la, Pavilion 24-r025m, Pavilion 24-r030no, Pavilion 24-r032no, Pavilion 24-r040no, Pavilion 24-r052no, Pavilion 24-r052ns, Pavilion 24-r074ns, Pavilion 24-x015z, Pavilion 24-x025xt, Pavilion 24-x050no, Pavilion 24-x061nd, Pavilion 27-a217nf, Pavilion 27-a222nf, Pavilion 27-a223nb, Pavilion 27-a225nf, Pavilion 27-a259na, Pavilion 27-r002la, Pavilion 27-r003la, Pavilion 27-r004la, Pavilion 27-r006nl, Pavilion 27-r012nb, Pavilion 27-r015z, Pavilion 27-r025xt, Pavilion 27-r039, Pavilion 27-r051nf, Pavilion 27-r052ng, Pavilion 27-r060no, Pavilion Chromebook, Pavilion Gaming, Pavilion TouchSmart Chromebook, Pavilion Wave, Pavilion x360 15-br001la, Pavilion x360 15-br001ng, Pavilion x360 15-br004no, Pavilion x360 15-br018na, Pavilion x360 15-br041nr, Slimline 260-a059w, Slimline 260-a107nl, Slimline 260-a110nl, Slimline 260-a115nd, Slimline 260-a120nd, Slimline 260-a120ng, Slimline 260-a130nn, Slimline 260-a134ng, Slimline 260-p101nsm, Slimline 260-p122nl, Slimline 260-p139na, Spectre x360, Spectre x360 13-ac034nf, Spectre x360 13-ac080nd, Spectre x360 13-ac080ng, Spectre x360 15-ap062nr, Spectre x360 15-bl003nl, Spectre x360 15-bl062nr, Spectre x360 15-bl100no, Spectre x360 15-bl101nb, Spectre x360 15-bl103ng, Spectre x360 15-bl130ng, Spectre x360 15-bl131ng, Stream, Stream 7 5700no, Stream x360, x360


by HP, by HP 15-ax005no, by HP 15-ax006no, by HP 15-ax013nf, by HP 15-ax018ns, by HP 15-ax058nf, by HP 15-ax203ns, by HP 15-ax207no, by HP 15-ax209no, by HP 15-ax209ns, by HP 15-ax238nf, by HP 15-ax239nf, by HP 15-ax243nf, by HP 15-ax250nf, by HP 15-ax250wm, by HP 15-ce001la, by HP 15-ce001nw, by HP 15-ce002la, by HP 15-ce002nw, by HP 15-ce003ns, by HP 15-ce004ns, by HP 15-ce005ns, by HP 15-ce005nw, by HP 15-ce006ns, by HP 15-ce007ns, by HP 15-ce008ns, by HP 15-ce010ca, by HP 15-ce013ns, by HP 15-ce014nl, by HP 15-ce016nf, by HP 15-ce018no, by HP 15-ce019no, by HP 15-ce020no, by HP 15-ce021no, by HP 15-ce022nb, by HP 15-ce022no, by HP 15-ce025no, by HP 15-ce026ns, by HP 15-ce029nl, by HP 15-ce030ng, by HP 15-ce051nr, by HP 15-ce084nz, X by HP, X by HP 17-ap000nb, X by HP 17-ap005tx, X by HP 17-ap032ng
The HP Roar Mini wireless speaker is the ultimate accessory for the traveling audiophile. Its small, compact and light, so your music goes wherever you go!
Product Description HP Roar Mini Wireless Speaker - speaker - for portable use - wireless
Product Type Speaker - for portable use
Speaker Type Active
Nominal Output Power 2.5 Watt
Frequency Response 120 - 18000 Hz
Amplifier Integrated
Interfaces Bluetooth
Speaker Details Speaker - mono - 2.5 Watt - 120 - 18000 Hz - active
Colour White
Power Options USB charging
Battery Speaker battery rechargeable - Lithium Ion
Dimensions (WxDxH) 8 cm x 7.24 cm x 7.77 cm
Weight 250 g
Designed For OMEN by HP; OMEN X by HP; HP 15, 17, 7; Chromebook; ENVY; ENVY Curved 34; ENVY Sleekbook; ENVY Spectre XT; ENVY TouchSmart; ENVY TouchSmart Sleekbook; ENVY x2; x360; Pavilion 15, 24, 27; Pavilion Gaming; Pavilion Wave; Pavilion x360; Slimline 260; Spectre x360; Stream; Stream x360; x360

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