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Brother BP60MA Matte Inkjet Paper - Matte1

Brother BP60MA Matte Inkjet Paper - Matte
Brother BP60MA Matte Inkjet Paper - Matte
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Manufacturer: Brother

Product group:

Manuf.No.: BP60MA

Art.No.: S3043475

A4 (210 x 297 mm), 145 g/m², 25 sheet(s) paper, for Brother DCP-J1140, J1200, J582, J981, HL-J6000, MFC-J1500, J1605, J5630, J877, J903, J998

Price: 3,01 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


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Brother is committed to providing exceptional value for customers by utilizing its accumulated technology and know-how to satisfy their needs. The company supplies unique products, for personal use in office and home that incorporate the pleasure of creation with practical functionality.
Product Description Brother BP60MA Matte Inkjet Paper - paper - matte - 25 sheet(s) - A4 - 145 g/m²
Product Type Paper
Surface Finish Matte
Media Size A4 (210 x 297 mm)
Printing Technology Ink-jet
Media Weight 145 g/m²
Included Qty 25 sheet(s)
Compatible with Brother DCP-J1140, J1200, J572, J577, J582, J772, J774, J973, J981, J982, J988, T310, HL-J6000, MFC-J1500, J1605, J5630, J6580, J6583, J6980, J6983, J6995, J6997, J6999, J737, J738, J837, J877, J890, J893, J895, J903, J907, J997, J998; INKvestment Work Smart MFC-J985
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