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Canon Photo Paper Plus SG-201 - Semi-glossy satin1

Canon Photo Paper Plus SG-201 - Semi-glossy satin
Canon Photo Paper Plus SG-201 - Semi-glossy satin

Manufacturer: Canon

Product group:

Manuf.No.: 1686B015

Art.No.: S3866075

101.6 x 152.4 mm, 260 g/m², 50 sheet(s) photo paper, for PIXMA iP3680, iP4820, iP4850, MG8250, MP198, MP228, MP245, MP252, MP258, MP476; S450

Price: 8,56 EUR

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BJ 10, BJ 10 EX, BJ 10 SX, BJ 130, BJ 20, BJ 200, BJ 200E, BJ 230, BJ 30, BJ 300, BJ 330, BJ 5, BJ 80, BJ W3000, BJ W3050, BJ W9000, BJC 1000, BJC 150, BJC 2000, BJC 210, BJC 2100, BJC 240, BJC 250, BJC 250 N, BJC 250 Photo, BJC 250 X. Files, BJC 3000, BJC 4000, BJC 4100, BJC 4200, BJC 4300, BJC 4300 BWP, BJC 4300 N, BJC 4300 S, BJC 4400, BJC 4400 Photo, BJC 4400 S, BJC 4550, BJC 4650, BJC 4650 SP, BJC 50, BJC 5000, BJC 5100, BJC 55, BJC 5500, BJC 600, BJC 600 E, BJC 6000, BJC 6000 N, BJC 610, BJC 6100, BJC 620, BJC 6200, BJC 6500, BJC 70, BJC 7000, BJC 7100, BJC 80, BJC 800, BJC 800 PSW, BJC 820, BJC 8200, BJC 8200 Photo, BJC 85, BJC 8500, BJC 880, i 250, i 320, i 350, i 450, i 455, i 470D, i 475D, i 550, i 560, i 6500, i 70, i 80, i 850, i 865, i 905D, i 9100, i 950, i 965, i 990, i 9900, i 9950, imagePROGRAF iPF500, imagePROGRAF iPF5000, imagePROGRAF IPF600, imagePROGRAF iPF700, imagePROGRAF iPF9000, MultiPASS 1000, MultiPASS C10, MultiPASS C100, MultiPASS C20, MultiPASS C30, MultiPASS C50, MultiPASS C50, MultiPASS C530, MultiPASS C635, MultiPASS C70, MultiPASS C75, MultiPASS C80, MultiPASS L60, MultiPASS L90, PIXMA iP100, PIXMA iP100 Bundle, PIXMA iP100 with battery, PIXMA iP1000, PIXMA iP100wb, PIXMA iP1200, PIXMA iP1300, PIXMA iP1500, PIXMA iP1600, PIXMA iP1600 Brockhaus, PIXMA iP1700, PIXMA iP1800, PIXMA iP1880, PIXMA iP1900, PIXMA iP2000, PIXMA iP2200, PIXMA iP2500, PIXMA iP2600, PIXMA iP2700, PIXMA iP2702, PIXMA IP3000, PIXMA iP3300, PIXMA iP3500, PIXMA iP3600, PIXMA iP3680, PIXMA IP4000, PIXMA iP4000R, PIXMA iP4200, PIXMA iP4300, PIXMA iP4500, PIXMA iP4600, PIXMA iP4680, PIXMA iP4700, PIXMA iP4820, PIXMA iP4850, PIXMA iP5000, PIXMA iP5200, PIXMA iP5200R, PIXMA iP5300, PIXMA iP6000D, PIXMA iP6210D, PIXMA iP6220D, PIXMA iP6310D, PIXMA iP6320D, PIXMA iP6600D, PIXMA iP6700D, PIXMA iP8500, PIXMA iP90, PIXMA iP90v, PIXMA iX4000, PIXMA iX5000, PIXMA iX7000, PIXMA MG8250, PIXMA mini220, PIXMA mini260, PIXMA mini320, PIXMA MP110, PIXMA MP130, PIXMA MP140, PIXMA MP145, PIXMA MP150, PIXMA MP160, PIXMA MP170, PIXMA MP180, PIXMA MP190, PIXMA MP198, PIXMA MP210, PIXMA MP220, PIXMA MP228, PIXMA MP240, PIXMA MP245, PIXMA MP250, PIXMA MP252, PIXMA MP258, PIXMA MP260, PIXMA MP268, PIXMA MP270, PIXMA MP272, PIXMA MP280, PIXMA MP450, PIXMA MP460, PIXMA MP470, PIXMA MP476, PIXMA MP480, PIXMA MP486, PIXMA MP490, PIXMA MP492, PIXMA MP495, PIXMA MP500, PIXMA MP510, PIXMA MP520, PIXMA MP520 Everyday, PIXMA MP530, PIXMA MP540, PIXMA MP545, PIXMA MP550, PIXMA MP560, PIXMA MP600, PIXMA MP600R, PIXMA MP610, PIXMA MP620, PIXMA MP628, PIXMA MP630, PIXMA MP638, PIXMA MP640, PIXMA MP640R, PIXMA MP750, PIXMA MP760, PIXMA MP780, PIXMA MP800, PIXMA MP800R, PIXMA MP810, PIXMA MP830, PIXMA MP950, PIXMA MP960, PIXMA MP970, PIXMA MP980, PIXMA MP988, PIXMA MP990, PIXMA MP996, PIXMA MX330, PIXMA Pro9000, PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II, PIXMA Pro9500, PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II, PJ 1080A, S 100, S 200, S 200x, S 300, S 300 Photo, S 330, S 330 Photo, S 400, S 400x, S 450, S 450 Photo, S 4500, S 500, S 520, S 520x, S 530D, S 600, S 630, S 6300, S 750, S 800, S 820, S 820D, S 830D, S 900, S 9000, SELPHY DS700, SELPHY DS810, SmartBase MP360, SmartBase MP370, SmartBase MP390, SmartBase MP700 Photo, SmartBase MP730 Photo, SmartBase MPC190, SmartBase MPC200 Photo, SmartBase MPC400, SmartBase MPC600F
The velvety texture of this semi-gloss paper gives you an amazingly rich quality. Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss produces vibrant images with low glare and a soft glossy finish for photo lab quality prints right at home.
Product Description Canon Photo Paper Plus SG-201 - photo paper - semi-glossy satin - 50 sheet(s) - 101.6 x 152.4 mm - 260 g/m²
Product Type Photo paper
Surface Finish Semi-glossy satin
Media Size 101.6 x 152.4 mm
Printing Technology Ink-jet
Media Weight 260 g/m²
Included Qty 50 sheet(s)
Compatible with PIXMA iP100, iP1880, iP2700, iP2702, iP3680, iP4680, iP4700, iP4820, iP4850, iX7000, MG8250, MP145, MP198, MP228, MP245, MP250, MP252, MP258, MP268, MP270, MP272, MP280, MP476, MP486, MP490, MP492, MP495, MP545, MP550, MP560, MP628, MP638, MP640, MP988, MP990, MP996, MX330, Pro9000, Pro9500; S450
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