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HP 400 - Speaker system1

HP 400 - Speaker system
HP 400 - Speaker system

Manufacturer: HP Inc.

Product group:

Manuf.No.: 1FU68AA#ABB

Art.No.: S18807963

2.1-channel, 8 Watt (Total), for HP 14, 15, 17, 22, 24; ENVY 13, 27; ENVY x360; Pavilion 14, 15, 59X; Pavilion x360

  • Splash resistant
  • High-quality audio

Price: 51,61 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


14-cf0000ne, 14-cf0006ne, 14-ck0060tu, 14-ck0517na, 14-cm0016no, 14-cm0018no, 14-cm0024no, 14-cm0204ng, 14-dk0000ng, 14-dk0001ng, 14-dk0002ng, 14-dk0005ng, 14-dk0006ng, 14-dk0008ng, 14-dk0401ng, 15-ay164nd, 15-bs004ni, 15-bs007ni, 15-bs111ns, 15-bs127nf, 15-bs150nv, 15-bs517nl, 15-bw069nl, 15-bw074nl, 15-bw094na, 15-da0001ne, 15-da0010nj, 15-da0030nt, 15-da0031nr, 15-da0033ns, 15-da0051ns, 15-da0057nx, 15-da0059na, 15-da0075nl, 15-da0076nl, 15-da0088ne, 15-da0113nl, 15-da0126ns, 15-da0129ns, 15-da0144tu, 15-da0150nl, 15-da0192nl, 15-da0201ns, 15-da0989nl, 15-da0998ne, 15-db0000nt, 15-db0001nt, 15-db0013ng, 15-db0020ng, 15-db0022nl, 15-db0023ns, 15-db0043ns, 15-db0044n, 15-db0150nd, 15-db0183nb, 15-db0930nd, 15-db1002ng, 15-db1203ng, 15-dw0220ng, 17-by0006no, 17-by0007tx, 17-by0009tx, 17-by0103ng, 17-by0207ng, 17-by0212ng, 17-by0334ng, 17-by0353ng, 17-ca0025ng, 17-ca0037nf, 17-ca0207ng, 17-ca0404ng, 17-ca0798no, 17-ca1001ns, 17-ca1003ng, 17-ca1004ng, 17-ca1400ng, 20-c400nl, 20-c403na, 22-c0007na, 22-c0014ng, 22-c0021na, 22-c0023nf, 22-c0036nf, 24-f0000ns, 24-f0006ns, 24-f0014na, 24-f0016no, 24-f0017c, 24-f0017ng, 24-f0021na, 24-f0021nl, 24-f0024, 24-f0027nl, 24-f0052nf, 24-f0074nf, 24-f0090ns, Chromebook 14-ca008nb, Envy 13-ah0302ng, Envy 17-bw0601ng, ENVY 27-b121ni, ENVY 27-b200ns, ENVY 27-b201no, ENVY 27-b205na, ENVY 795-0016nf, ENVY 795-0504ng, ENVY 795-0550nz, ENVY x360 13-ag0004nc, ENVY x360 15-cn0006tu, ENVY x360 15-cn0021tx, ENVY x360 15-cn0304ng, ENVY x360 15-cn0305ng, ENVY x360 15-cn0312ng, ENVY x360 15-cp0409nz, Pavilion 14-ce0030tu, Pavilion 14-ce0088tx, Pavilion 14-ce0510na, Pavilion 14-ce0597na, Pavilion 14-ce2400ng, Pavilion 15-cs0003ca, Pavilion 15-cs0026nl, Pavilion 15-cs0989nl, Pavilion 15-cs0992nl, Pavilion 15-cs2000ns, Pavilion 15-cs2804nz, Pavilion 15-cw0597na, Pavilion 15-cw0600ng, Pavilion 15-cw0999nl, Pavilion 15-cw1003ng, Pavilion 15-cw1010ng, Pavilion 17-ab400nd, Pavilion 24-b225a, Pavilion 24-xa1014, Pavilion 27-r051ns, Pavilion 27-r076ns, Pavilion 27-r104ns, Pavilion 590-a0011nf, Pavilion 590-a0012no, Pavilion 590-a0027nf, Pavilion 590-a0033nf, Pavilion 590-a0100ns, Pavilion 590-a0103ns, Pavilion 590-p0019no, Pavilion 590-p0035no, Pavilion 590-p0079nf, Pavilion 590-p0100na, Pavilion 590-p0104nf, Pavilion 590-p0120ng, Pavilion 590-p0601ng, Pavilion 590-p0622ng, Pavilion 590-p0624ng, Pavilion 590-p0627ng, Pavilion 590-p0630ng, Pavilion 590-p0701ng, Pavilion 590-p0800ng, Pavilion 590-p0801ng, Pavilion 590-p0803ng, Pavilion 590-p0804ng, Pavilion 595-p0004no, Pavilion 595-p0450nz, Pavilion 595-p0550nz, Pavilion 595-p0806ng, Pavilion 595-p0807ng, Pavilion 595-p0808ng, Pavilion 595-p0810ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0008ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0012nl, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0996nl, Pavilion Gaming 690-0003nb, Pavilion Gaming 690-0003nl, Pavilion Gaming 690-0011a, Pavilion Gaming 690-0017ns, Pavilion Gaming 690-0020na, Pavilion Gaming 690-0035no, Pavilion Gaming 690-0037no, Pavilion Gaming 690-0049nf, Pavilion Gaming 690-0050nf, Pavilion Gaming 790-0000no, Pavilion Gaming 790-0031nf, Pavilion Gaming 790-0055no, Pavilion x360 14-cd0505na, Pavilion x360 14-dh0704nz, Pavilion x360 14-dh0904nz, Pavilion x360 15-cr0003tx, Pavilion x360 15-cr0004tx, Pavilion x360 15-cr0544nz, ProOne 600 G4, Slimline 290-p0091ns, Slimline 290-p0602ng, Slimline 290-p0603ng, x2 10-p045nf


by HP 15-ce097nb, by HP 15-dc0709nz, by HP 15-dc1002nf, by HP 15-dc1006no, by HP 15-dc1007no, by HP 15-dc1009no, by HP 15-dc1013no, by HP 15-dc1017no, by HP 15-dc1200ng, by HP 15-dc1305ng, by HP 15-dc1450nz, by HP 15-dc1900nz, by HP 17-an121nb, by HP 17-an129nf, by HP 17-an199nz, Obelisk by HP 875-1700nz, Obelisk by HP 875-1800nz, Obelisk by HP 875-1900nz, Obelisk by HP 875-1931ng, Obelisk by HP 875-1932ng
This durable, portable, Bluetooth speaker lets you enjoy your favorite music in any environment. With easy Bluetooth connectivity and a long-lasting battery, you can enjoy high-quality audio, no matter where the music takes you.
Product Description HP 400 - speaker system
Product Type Speaker system - 2.1-channel
System Components 2 speakers, subwoofer
Speaker Type Active
Nominal Output Power (Total) 8 Watt
Speaker System Details 2 x speaker 2 Watt
1 x subwoofer 4 Watt
Weight 1.96 kg
Designed For OMEN by HP 15, 17; OMEN Obelisk by HP 875; OMEN X by HP 17; HP 14, 15, 17, 20, 22, 24; Chromebook 14; ENVY 13, 17, 27, 795; ENVY x360; Pavilion 14, 15, 17, 24, 27, 590, 595; Pavilion Gaming 15, 690, 790; Pavilion x360; ProOne 600 G4; Slimline 290; x2
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