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Xerox - Punch unit1

Xerox - Punch unit

Manufacturer: Xerox

Product group:

Manuf.No.: 497K03870

Art.No.: S5500716

2/4-hole, for AltaLink C8045; VersaLink B7025, C7020, C7020/C7025/C7030, C8000, C9000; WorkCentre 7220

Price: 236,31 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


AltaLink C8030/C8035, AltaLink C8030V/T, AltaLink C8035/H2, AltaLink C8035/HXF2, AltaLink C8035/T2, AltaLink C8035/TXF2, AltaLink C8035V/F, AltaLink C8035V/T, AltaLink C8045/C8055, AltaLink C8045/H2, AltaLink C8045/HXF2, AltaLink C8045/YH, AltaLink C8045V/F, AltaLink C8055/H2, AltaLink C8055/HXF2, AltaLink C8070, AltaLink C8070/H2, AltaLink C8070/HXF2, AltaLink C8070V/F, Phaser 7800V_DNY, Phaser 7800V_DNYM, VersaLink B7025/DM2, VersaLink B7025/DS2, VersaLink B7025/HM2, VersaLink B7025/HXFM2, VersaLink B7025/HXFS2, VersaLink B7025/SS2, VersaLink B7025/YHXF, VersaLink B7030/DM2, VersaLink B7030/DS2, VersaLink B7030/HM2, VersaLink B7030/HS2, VersaLink B7030/HXFM2, VersaLink B7030/HXFS2, VersaLink B7030/SM2, VersaLink B7030/SS2, VersaLink B7035/DM2, VersaLink B7035/DS2, VersaLink B7035/HM2, VersaLink B7035/HS2, VersaLink B7035/HXFM2, VersaLink B7035/HXFS2, VersaLink B7035/SM2, VersaLink B7035/SS2, VersaLink C7020/C7025/C7030, VersaLink C7020/DM2, VersaLink C7020/DS2, VersaLink C7020/SM2, VersaLink C7020/SS2, VersaLink C7020/TM2, VersaLink C7020/TS2, VersaLink C7020/TXFM2, VersaLink C7020/TXFS2, VersaLink C7020DN, VersaLink C7020V/D, VersaLink C7020V/S, VersaLink C7020V/T, VersaLink C7025/DM2, VersaLink C7025/DS2, VersaLink C7025/SM2, VersaLink C7025/SS2, VersaLink C7025/TM2, VersaLink C7025/TS2, VersaLink C7025/TXFM2, VersaLink C7025/TXFS2, VersaLink C7025V/D, VersaLink C7025V/S, VersaLink C7025V/T, VersaLink C7030/DM2, VersaLink C7030/DS2, VersaLink C7030/SM2, VersaLink C7030/SS2, VersaLink C7030/TM2, VersaLink C7030/TS2, VersaLink C7030/TXFM2, VersaLink C7030/TXFS2, VersaLink C7030V/D, VersaLink C7030V/S, VersaLink C7030V/T, VersaLink C8000V/DT, VersaLink C8000V/DTM, VersaLink C9000/YDT, VersaLink C9000V/DT, VersaLink C9000V/DTM, WorkCentre 5225, WorkCentre 5230, WorkCentre 5325, WorkCentre 5325/5330/5335 Base, WorkCentre 5325/C, WorkCentre 5325/CH, WorkCentre 5325/PH, WorkCentre 5325/PHXF, WorkCentre 5325V_SW, WorkCentre 5325V_TW, WorkCentre 5330, WorkCentre 5330/C, WorkCentre 5330/P, WorkCentre 5330/PH, WorkCentre 5330/PHXF, WorkCentre 5330V_SW, WorkCentre 5330V_TW, WorkCentre 5335, WorkCentre 5335/C, WorkCentre 5335/P, WorkCentre 5335/PH, WorkCentre 5335V_SW, WorkCentre 5335V_TW, WorkCentre 7220/PXF2I, WorkCentre 7556/HCT, WorkCentre 7556/HCTXF, WorkCentre 7830/35, WorkCentre 7845/55
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Product Description Xerox punch unit
Product Type Punch unit
Punching Type 2/4-hole
Localisation Europe
Designed For AltaLink C8030, C8030/C8035, C8035, C8045, C8045/C8055, C8055, C8070; Phaser 7800; VersaLink B7025, B7030, B7035, C7020, C7020/C7025/C7030, C7025, C7030, C8000, C9000; WorkCentre 5225, 5230, 5325, 5325/5330/5335, 5330, 5335, 7220, 7556, 7830/35, 7845/55
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